Application for process management of dental clinics, dental technology and other services.

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Dentalog - Application for process management of dental clinics, dental technology and other services.
Simplys Tech – a company dedicated to the development of process management/planning applications, designed to fit a diverse range of domain activities.
Its main product – DentaLog – addresses dental practices and was followed by products for dental technology laboratories, as well as other domains.

Designed as a professional solution for dental practices management, the DentaLog software was created together with dentists and for them. The DentaLog software addresses all types of dental practices, from small offices with one dentist to big clinics with dozens of medical doctors and specializations.

The software is focused on managing of key elements and their characteristics. Process management through this dental software ensures an ample overview of all activities within a dental clinic, provides financial data through predefined reports, decreases the time required for the completion of certain medical records, documents, etc.
The main elements that can be managed are:

  • Patient records
    The application allows the introduction of a comprehensive set of patient information, both general (address, contact information and identification, PID etc) and specific (medical records, receipts history, past and future appointments). The questionnaire for evaluating the patients’ general condition is also editable as a response to the feedback sent by colleagues doctors.

  • Patient appointments
    Patient appointments can be allocated through a single click on a given time frame associated with a doctor. Also, viewing the activity and occupancy of cabinets is done differentially, by doctors and cabinets.

  • Workstations and cabinets management
    These elements facilitate conducting activities, in the application, in direct correlation with the real life usual organizing methods for cabinets and dental clinics. A properly configured work structure offers many advantages, which include avoiding overlap (of staff, patients) in work schedules and simplifying work procedures within the application.

  • Personnel administration
    Users of this dental software (direct or indirect) are the key elements of the system. Doctors and nurses/secretaries are the main beneficiaries of the system.

  • Treatment records
    In order to facilitate follow-up of the relationship with the patient and to simplify calculations for a series of complex and long-term interventions, the management software for dental clinics enables the use of a 100% customized catalog of treatments. Also, for every treatment added to a patient’s data sheet, the doctor may generate a patient consent form for that treatment, prefilled with all the required information.

  • Expertise
    The DentaLog application represents a complete professional solution for the management of dental practices and clinics. The software is made in Cluj-Napoca, created by Simplys Tech in collaboration with stomatology experts.

  • Predictable costs
    One of the principles this project is based upon is offering our clients minimum and fixed costs packages, foreseeable, which cover all the services they need and eliminate additional IT infrastructure and maintenance expenses.

  • Scalability
    The DentaLog application is scalable, which means it can be purchased in a formula that covers the current needs of your cabinet or clinic, and can be expanded subsequently – with the development of your business.

  • Data security
    Besides the trend and advantages offered by cloud-hosted applications, the need for securing your data is evident, thus the application ensures complete backup and sharing of information stored on our servers.

  • Support
    Possibly one of the most important aspects we offer is the support for the DentaLog application, both regarding its use and answering all issues you may encounter. To be closer to you, we have included the options for requesting support within the applications features. For collaborators from the Cluj county, we also provide on-site support with configuring and using the system.

  • Evolution
    Even though we have implemented the complete set of necessary features based on the assessment of our expert collaborators, we are certain that the application is perfectable, either by adding new features accessible to all clients, or through adapting it to the particular requirements of your cabinet or clinic. Please contact us when you identify such requirements.

  • Ease of use
    We strived to make the application as intuitive as possible for users that do not have a technical background. Also, the application presents a contextual (help) menu in all accessible screens.

Nowadays, stomatology is submitted to an intense informatisation on every level. New diagnosis and treatment technologies are based, completely or for the most part, on information systems. Communication and data management processes are no exception. Moreover, this area is one of the most computerised to the point where a dentist’s activity cannot be done without this technology. Patient records and reports, where the case, are digital.

The DENTALOG program is a relevant example. This complex application allows very good activity management, applying to several levels: data collecting, inluding imaging data, accessing data selectively by one or more users, oportunity changes, financial data evidence, appointments and collecting data for statistical and scientifical purposes. The fact that one application comprises all these features is remarkable and indispensable for a modern dental practice. I would add that the software is user-friendly and operating it does not require extensive knowledge of computer use. I believe that such an application is a necessity and that implementing it in the activity of a dental practice brings an undeniable benefit.

Prof. Dr. Radu Septimiu Câmpian
Dean of Dental Medicine Faculty,
UMF Iuliu Haţieganu Cluj-Napoca