Groupama Asigurări

A leader in the insurance market, it is the Romanian Branch of an international insurance and financial services group.

Groupama Insurance Romania

since 2008
Front-end for calculating costs and issuing policies.
Accounting module
Online sales portal
DMS Module
Partner correspondence portal
Broker issuing Web Service
A leader in the insurance market, it is the Romanian Branch of an international insurance and financial services group.

We started working with Groupama Insurance in 2008, on a project that concerned developing the company’s Intranet platform (Connect). We were chosen to do it both because we provided a better quote and because of our previous collaboration with one of the companies purchased by Groupama on entry into the Romanian market.

Subsequently we started working on the front-end insurance portal, a complex system of applications that would respond to our partner’s needs:

  • Issuing and tendering solutions, accessible through the Internet for all the company’s partners (employees, agents, brokers, banks or even directly by clients);
  • High performance and security (given the high volume and diversity of users that use the system simultaneously);
  • Compliance with all legal requirements and the company’s internal regulations involving the sale process, generated documents and networking with national databases;
  • Integrating our partner’s back-office systems to limit / avoid doubling the effort of data entry.

Once the relationship was established, there have been secondary projects that we have worked together on. The most important ones are:

  • Tracking collected premiums and their allocation on policies;
  • Improving and measuring the process of communication with our client’s outside collaborators (agents, brokers);
  • Document management solutions for all documents needed in the company’s processes;
  • Solutions for managing communication with potential or existing clients regarding owned policies.

In the subsequent development and implementation of the solutions provided during our collaboration, we’ve used Agile, a methodology based on iterative development that allows faster and collaborative development and deployment. In addition to the speed of implementation, we aimed for ease of usage for our applications, use of latest technologies (maintaining browser compatibility and the technical environments used by our applications) and maximizing use performance, required by the heavy use of a high number of users simultaneously.

In the case of our front-end application for issuing insurance products, we’ve classified developments in these main modules:

  • Search engines for premiums for all products that have a high sales volume;
  • Implementing all subscription processes: tendering, requests for derogation and commercial discounts with the approval of dedicated departments, issuing the entire set of needed documents for each products (according to regulatory requirements and company’s corporate identity manual);
  • Integrating national databases for mandatory policies;
  • Integrating back-office systems for managing insurance policies and accounting, limiting to a minimum the need for manual data entry.

Regarding our secondary projects, a quick review of the developed solutions:

  • Modules for generating documents used in collecting premiums, including tracking processes for reimbursing of such receipts and their automatic allocation to the appropriate policies;
  • Communication portal with brokers and other collaborators related to proceeds received by them, clarification of the commissions, penalties for late settlement and other processes for which the communication was made previously by email or phone;
  • Document management system (DMS) integrated with the applications described above;
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) integrated with our client’s front-office and back-office systems.

Because our applications were developed according to our client’s specific requirements, they perfectly address the needs, allowing ease of use both for Groupama employees and their customers. Implementing different modules lead to a better sizing of various departments and lower personnel costs.

Modular applications offered by Softex has enabled our client ease of maintenance and easier expansion of the modules so as to be adapted to market demands and changing administrative requirements.

The integrated reporting system enables an overview on data tracked at both the macro and micro level. This data can be tracked both as snapshot and evolution and efficiency indicators.

This way, the system provides maximum control over the processes inside the company at every level within it.